Saturday, May 08, 2010

callings: dunluce

It was out of season and the gates were locked but we pulled the car off the road and climbed the fence, letting the night's fog envelop us, and the world vanish, and the pain disappear along with a thousand years.

There are places you return too. Not the scenes of crimes, if you're smart. Not the scenes of triumphs either, for what would that be but a pale reflection, guaranteed to disappoint? But the places of sanctuary - where escape was made even momentarily real - those are timeless.

Below us the waves read the insistent poetry of history. Above us a Bealtaine moon struggled to tint the sky orange. Briefly the wind rustled the grass, telling us to be quiet, to rest, to be at peace.

(c) copyright 2010 by Ira Socol

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ainelivia said...

Brings back memories, I grew up on the other side of the border and we went to Dunluce several times when young. In my mind Dunluce was the ruins of Camelot, or Cucuhalain's Castle. Beautiful photo, really captures the magic of Dunluce.