Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Now Available: The Drool Room

by Ira David Socol

"I ain't crazy," declares the narrator of this stunningly original novel-in-stories, "I'm not."

But sanity is always an elusive thing in this tale that carries the reader through a life torn apart by anger, frustration, and disappointment - but held together by an absolute refusal to "give up."

A first grader who can neither read nor sit still. An angry junior high student lashing out at those trying to help. A self-medicating high school athlete. All this leads us to an adult police officer on the streets of The Bronx at the most crime-wracked moment in New York City history.

The Drool Room may not make you love its complex protagonist, but it will force you to see life through the fascinating eyes of a remarkable character.

US $16.00 direct via lulu.com

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