Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Now Available: A Certain Place of Dreams

by Ira David Socol

With more than four dozen pieces of microfiction set in and around the northern Irish city of Derry, Ira David Socol carries you to places of incredible beauty and vicious nightmare, times of absolute joy and moments of complete terror. In stories which tread a blurred line between poetry and prose, a never named and not-quite described narrator reveals a story both national and personal, played out upon a canvas filled with stunning landscapes and fascinating characters.

"When I need peace, I think to myself, I have always come to where the sea meets the land. Because it is at this most primal borderline that we can see in the most directions. Not just up to the heavens and down into the briny deep, not just endlessly north or west or east or south, but forward and backward along the timeline of creation."

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