Tuesday, June 28, 2005

one day countdown (structured poetry)


I ran downstairs, tripped, fell.
No time for breakfast today.
Hurting every time I shift.
Should be at work early.
Decide to get coffee instead.


Good Kenyan, very hot.
Computer plugged to internet.
Reading the Times online.
And some blog sites.


Shouldn't I work?
Do need pay.
Don't want to.


Hours pass.
Many refills.



© 2004 by Ira Socol________________________________


Mary Godwin said...

I haven't read the rest of the nine that loaded when I subscribed to your blog with bloglines, but I LOVE this one and had to write to say so... wow!

Adriana Bliss said...

I loved this piece, too. The last one is perfect, a single word, shown not only by the word itself, but by the fact that there is nothing else written.

Brenda said...

I love the cadences of simplicity of the lines, the exact numbers of words, their decreasing density, the ultimate minimalism. Lazy sounds superb, too! xo