Sunday, June 19, 2005

jello story

We decided to move in together. There were plenty of reasons, plenty of pressures to do so, not a lot of thought. One of those things.

So I packed up my stuff and moved. Among the stuff was lots of "pantry-type" food, you know, the minimally perishable stuff of dark kitchen cabinet shelves. I always have lots of this stuff, bought with intentions of meals that never come true.

Dinners were, more or less, cooked alternately. We both liked to cook but made very different things. There was no reason to piss off either my kid or her kid two nights in a row. Whenever she cooked, she made Jello. My kid and I thought this odd, we never ate much Jello, and never for dessert, more a "I'm sick and can't keep anything else down" solution. So every other night, leftover Jello would pile up.

Finally I said, "What's with all the Jello?" And she said, "Yeah, what's with the Jello?" And I said, "What?" And she said, "You brought all this Jello, I figured you guys loved it." And I said, "Hell no, we had all this Jello cause I bought it years ago and we never ate it." And she said, "You're really weird."

When I moved out a year later I took no Jello at all.

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